Token Utility

This list will be regularly updated as use cases are implemented or announced.
As $THGAMING finds its way into the hands of gamers across Hive, our second goal is to introduce—and continue introducing—a bevy of use cases (token sinks) that appeal to many different types of investors. Every $THGAMING holder should feel like at least one use case for our token was made for them.

Active Use Cases

  • Stake for Hive curation
  • Swap through a liquidity pool for its paired token
  • Purchase THGaming NFTs
  • Entry fee for certain Guild contests/tournaments
  • Purchase raffle tickets during Guild events
  • Participate in Guild auctions

Passive Use Cases

  • Delegate to official THGaming curators
  • Provide liquidity to THGaming liquidity pools

Future Use Cases

  • Spend on partnered projects
  • Burn/Stake for Guild perks
  • Invest in a Guild profit-sharing program
  • Purchase/Rent gaming assets