2 - About Us
Threshold Guardian Gaming was established by James Engelbrecht (a.k.a. Jim Crypto) in September of 2021. It began as a place for crypto gamers to hang out—a Discord community where members could freely discuss gaming strategy and share crypto news. Shortly thereafter, Jim discovered the advantages of #post2earn mechanics on the Hivechain and began exploring Hive blogging platforms.
After ~6 months of exploration and research, $THGAMING was first minted February 1st, 2022, on Hive's blockchain. This was the first major step towards an autonomous ecosystem—one made by and for gamers looking to expand their financial independence via the many #play2earn systems blockchain gaming has to offer.
Hive is a blockchain focused on rewarding social interactions and integrating various crypto games like Splinterlands and Rising Star. The blockchain exists as a large network of users that earn various "tribal" tokens (i.e. $LEO, $ONEUP or $SPT) by authoring posts and/or engaging with other users in their respective communities. Users can navigate these communities much like they would a subreddit on Reddit, and established Hive tribes can have their own browser-based front-end platforms (outposts) dedicated to their token.
Thus far, THGaming has minted its token, established a Hive community at C/THGaming, formed a liquidity pool pairing $THGAMING with $HIVE, and enabled the staking and delegation of $THGAMING on the Hive blockchain.
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