Distribution Methods

How you can obtain $THGAMING.
Initially, the majority of $THGAMING's supply is likely to be locked up in staking and liquidity pools, so our first goal is to ramp up distribution and spread the token across the greater Hive community. The follow methods of distribution are intended to be both complimentary and individually viable. If someone wants to stake 100% of their $THGAMING and delegate it to an official THGaming curator, we want to support that. We're trying to support whatever method(s) you choose for interacting with our community.

Hive Content Creation

Earn $THGAMING by appropriately tagging crypto and gaming posts with #THGaming. (Official Community)

Hive Curation (Staking & Delegation)

Earn $THGAMING by staking $THGAMING and upvoting posts properly tagged with #THGaming. (Hive Tag Filter)
Alternatively, delegate your staked $THGAMING to official THGaming curators to receive shared rewards from their curation efforts:

Liquidity Pools

Earn $THGAMING and other Hive tokens by providing liquidity to THGaming liquidity pools. (Tribaldex Liquidity Pools)

NFT Miners

Receive $THGAMING airdrops for holding specific THGaming NFTs from multiple blockchains.

Guild Events

Win $THGAMING by participating in Guild tournaments, contests and raffles.