What THGaming wants to ACHIEVE.
By establishing our own official Hive Community/Tribe, THGaming seeks to create relationships by collaborating with other established communities and extending our presence across multiple blockchain platforms. Wherever blockchain gamers gather, we want to be involved.
NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) form the backbone of most #play2earn gaming economies and are available across almost all blockchains. Many platforms even offer cheap (or free) minting for NFTs of varying types and use cases. THGaming is focused on cultivating gaming-related investments, so we will be actively researching gaming NFTs available across various blockchains.
We'll support our gaming goals by supplementing these core investments with holdings in cryptocurrencies associated with the games our community most enjoys. Examples of this include highly liquid coins such as Etherium, Hive and Polygon, and stable coins like $HBD, $USDC and $BUSD.
Last modified 5mo ago