Phase 3

~12 Years (June 1st, 2025 - May 31st, 2037)


Token Supply: 165,500,000+
Our main goal for preparing to enter Phase 3 is establishing a sustainable distribution system balanced by the various use cases and token sinks we've implemented. We hope to make the majority of our adjustments during Phase 2, but additional long-term adjustments are still likely to occur as explained below.
By May 31st, 2037, the general token supply will breakdown as follows:
Curation Rewards
Airdrops & Miners
Liquidity Pools
Gaming Events
Staff Compensation
Guild Treasury
*Future Tech

Curation Rewards

24,000,000/year at a rate of 2,000,000/month
By putting the majority of our distribution into curation rewards, we can adjust the drip rate—before reconsidering other fund allocations—to taper the flow of tokens if we feel inflation is negatively affecting the price stability of $THGAMING.

Airdrops & Miners

12,000,000/year at a rate of 1,000,000/month
By this point, we expect to have multiple NFT series generating value for their holders. We also hope to achieve a $THGAMING valuation that allows for steadily tapering individual rewards while still providing an increasing value.
As a purely hypothetical example, an airdrop NFT that provided 1,000 $THGAMING per month (at a token valuation of $0.002) during Phase 2 might be reduced to an airdrop of 500 per month (at a token valuation of $0.01) during Phase 3. This adjustment would allow the fund to steadily expand the number of NFT holds it can support without undermining the value of earlier investors ($2/month vs. $5/month).
Ample warning would be provided before any such changes to ensure holders can decide for themselves how to adapt to these periodic adjustments.

Liquidity Pools

12,000,000/year at a rate of 1,000,000/month
Long-term, we want to maintain 4-6 liquidity pools paired with the primary tokens of other blockchains THGaming eventually invests in. At a certain point, the number of LP's we want to maintain will prevent us from providing a 150% APR for each of them, so this monthly disbursement is most likely to be applied as follows:
  1. 1.
    Maintain >150% APR for the first year of any new liquidity pool
  2. 2.
    Provide reward bursts alongside Guild gaming events to encourage holders to provide extra liquidity when Guild participants are most likely to swap for the paired token.
  3. 3.
    Spread leftover tokens across older pools
We want to make sure the utility of swapping $THGAMING for other popular blockchain tokens remains available once established. An idea we'd like to explore farther down the road is the option of using external liquidity such as $HIVE to conduct period buybacks of $THGAMING directly from the market to contribute to a stable floor price. The purchased $THGAMING could then be used to contribute to the reward pools of our liquidity pools, as needed.

Gaming Events

8,000,000/year at a rate of 1,500,000/month
Similar to our liquidity pools, a major goal leading into Phase 3 is ensuring each game the Guild supports eventually reaches a point of self-sustainability regarding the reward structure of our events. Simply put, this fund is intended to help launch each new game before eventually relying on admission fees and passive returns on Guild assets to sustain each game's event prizes indefinitely.
To promote a stable, consistent growth in value, THGaming will be focusing on games that provide multiple opportunities for profit through daily #play2earn, staking/LP airdrops, and other systems that yield profit without requiring the sale of our initial investment.
To that end, the monthly disbursement would first supplement game events not yet self-sustained before pooling excess funds until we can launch the next Guild game. Thus, the faster each new game becomes self-contained, the faster we can expand our Guild events to new games.

Staff Compensation

6,000,000/year at a rate of 500,000/month
If $THGAMING's value ever reaches a point where the salaries of the core THGaming team is pushing into the equivalent of $USD millions (possible at a $0.50 to $1.00+ valuation), staff salaries will shift to a dollar-weighted rate rather than a fixed-token rate. Part of Phase 2 will involve determining where this "line in the sand" should be.
This compensation is intended to ensure the core team has the ability to devote a considerable amount of time to the development of $THGAMING rather than being a vehicle for massive wealth accumulation. Milestones like being able to provide 6-figure $USD equivalent salaries to individual team members would mean THGaming could further split up the fund to hire additional core staff at competitive rates.

Guild Treasury

Yearly cap of +4,000,000
Ideally, by the time THGaming enters Phase 3, our treasury assets should include multiple revenue streams that can accrue value outside of $THGAMING. If all goes to plan, we won't need to rely as heavily upon selling our own token—which creates market sell pressure—to cover Guild expense.
The yearly cap will serve as a budgetary constraint rather than an investment requirement. During Phase 3 tokens from this fund will remain unminted until needed to facilitate asset swaps. Whatever remains at the end of each year will be rolled into the next year's cap.


2,000,000/year at a rate of 166,666/month
By Phase 3, we hope to have a marketing stake that provides enough $THGAMING through curation rewards and delegations to support our Curation Team indefinitely. Any shortcomings will be covered by this monthly disbursal, and any excess will be reserved for the larger marketing initiatives we'll want to employ.

* Future Technology

This reserve fund of up to 18,500,000 tokens will only be used to expand into new technologies as they arise. This amount will be staked over the course of Phase 3's 12-year period.
As new ecosystems emerge, we must be ready to invest in technologies which will drive the Metaverse—many of which don't yet exist. Investment from this fund will only occur after careful consultation with all THGaming Developers. If agreed upon, a plan will be announced to our community to solicit feedback that will help inform our final decision.