Where THGaming wants to GO.
Our main purpose is to invest in Metaverse gaming ecosystems across several major blockchains while establishing a gaming guild that serves as a central hub between them. We want to arm the THGaming community with knowledge, opportunity and the liquidity necessary for expanding into the Metaverse.
Our long-term vision is to create a largely autonomous gaming ecosystem that rewards engagement across multiple blockchains. Belonging to THGaming will benefit gamers playing under our banner in various ways, and we want to provide a wide array of passive income opportunities to investors that utilize our token.
$THGAMING and our efforts to embed it in various blockchains will serve as the mechanism for upgrading our physical and programmable technologies, expanding our Hive Curation Team, hiring permanent staff, and investing in gaming assets.
Presently, we do not have any plans to develop our own game(s). We would prefer to support Game Developers, rather than competing in a highly specialized industry.