THGaming NFT Series

WAX Airdrop NFTs

Our first NFT series will be released on the WAX blockchain due to the greater ease of access and lower overall minting costs relative to Hive. It will be limited in supply and sold over the course of three waves. Holding these NFTs will provide a fixed monthly $THGAMING airdrop, and the proceeds of each sale will be directly applied to funding Phase 2 projects (like the following Hive Miners) and Guild expenses.
More details will be released shortly after entering Phase 2.

Hive Miners NFTs

Our second NFT series will be released through Hive with a larger supply and lower cost of entry for investors. Rather than a monthly fixed airdrop, the Hive mining contract will generate rewards for randomly selected holders on a daily basis. This means not every holder is guaranteed rewards each day, but distributions will occur on a much more frequent basis.

WAX "Battle Card" NFTs

To support Guild events, our first utility NFT series will be rewarded exclusively to contest/tournament winners and event participants. These NFTs will provide a variety of perks based on their tier, and we currently plan on implementing a "blending" system that allows holders to steadily upgrade their NFTs to higher tiers by burning multiple copies of lower tiers (i.e. 5x T1 => 1x T2).
Potential perks include:
  • Event cost discounts
  • Free monthly raffle entries
  • Gaming related airdrops (for higher tiers)
  • Access premium Guild events (exclusive tournaments, auctions, etc.)
The finalized details for this series will be announced around the time of our first major gaming events.

WAX Investor NFTs

Once we're satisfied with the stability of $THGAMING and the reliability of our revenue streams, an investor-class series of NFTs will be released strictly for the purpose of raising capital for larger Guild investments. Holders of these NFTs will take part in a profit-sharing systems
This long-term plan DOES NOT have a release date, as it's announcement will be closely tied to how success the Guild's projects/programs manage to become.