$THGAMING Whitepaper

Threshold Guardian Gaming - Whitepaper version 1.0
Last Update: June 1st, 2022
Current Supply: ~12,000,000
Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000 (15-year distribution plan)
This Whitepaper is subject to changes as THGaming advances into Phase 2 (see Roadmap). While we've tried to allocate our token supply in a way that is resistant to market volatility, aligned with our expectations for community growth, and flexible enough to support regular Guild investments, we're prepared to amend this document should future market conditions prompt a response and/or our investment strategies require adjustments.
Should this occur, we'll provide guidance on any such changes prior to taking action. Our goal is to make adjustments to distribution rates (curation rewards, drip rates, monthly disbursal, etc.) before considering major changes to the overall allocation of $THGAMING's supply, where reasonable. Thus, future updates to this Whitepaper will primarily address the WHERE and HOW we invest our assets and WHAT opportunities we're pursuing.
Know that in reading this Whitepaper, you are among the earliest of "adopters" should you choose to invest in $THGAMING. Feel free to peruse the various sections at your leisure, but we strongly recommend reading this Whitepaper in its entirety prior to making any decisions. We want our holders to be confident in their investments with us by being well-informed on how THGaming conducts itself.
This whitepaper was developed by @Jim-Crypto and @Entrepidus​
The $THGAMING Token was minted on Feb-04-2022
Last modified 5mo ago